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Hello! My name is Elizabeth Oberly.

I was depressed all of my childhood, my youth, especially my teen years, and all of my young adult years... and I didn't even know it. Then one day at the age of thirty-eight, I finally realized how deeply depressed I really was, and I knew I just couldn't keep living the way I had been, in sadness, hopelessness and despair.

So, I spent the next three years of my life super focused on changing my life and finding happiness. But, it wasn't until after I had spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on therapy, books, workshops, and other solutions that DIDN’T work in order to find the ones that DID.

Now I've created this program to share my results with you, to inspire you and provide you with valuable insights so you don’t have to spend your valuable time and money making the same mistakes I did. For me, there was nothing worse than being super down and out with depression, then finding something that gave me hope to make real changes in my life, only to be deeply disappointed after trying it and falling right back into my depression.

While I can't promise that you'll have the very same experience that I did, I CAN tell you that everything I did to rid my depression by itself wasn’t enough. It was the combination of specific activities that I describe to you in great detail in this program AND my own hard- headed persistence that got me the results I have today.

You see, I had a vision about how my life should be filled with happiness and I wasn't willing to settle for anything less. In just 3 Easy Steps, I learned how to lift my depression and live my life in happiness, and now you can too!

Kind Regards,

Over 18 Million People Suffer From Depression

Lots and lots of people are depressed. In fact, over 18 Million people in the United States, suffer from depression every year. In the state of California alone, there are more than 2 million people with depression.

There are even studies that indicate as many as 25% of women, and half as many men are in a state of depression, but the numbers may be higher, because many folks are just like I was, and don't even know they are depressed. And let's don't forget to include all those people who say they’re ok or pretend to be ok when they’re not.

elizabeth with depression at age 12

What Are the Symptoms of Depression?

When people are depressed, they don't function normally, they don't experience life as enjoyable, and they don't have a sense of how important they are to others. People who are depressed experience life with a sense of struggle, hopelessness, and continuous sadness. This means that for someone who is depressed, their self-esteem is much lower than it could be, so their life experience isn't as powerful as it could be either. And the most important reason is, that if you're depressed, you're not experiencing joy and happiness!

Symptoms of Depression include self-destructive behavior, flatness in attitude, aloof and distant, glazed-over eyes, very emotional and they might break down and cry often, or they’re very angry and negative. When someone is depressed, there is something about them that is missing like the ‘spark’ of joy in their voice, that 'twinkle' in their eyes, or the 'radiance' of their presence.

Once I learned about the symptoms of depression, I began to recognize them in myself and others. People who are depressed not only FEEL sad, they LOOK sad and they SOUND sad too!

Even if you think you can, you can't hide depression.

elizabeth with depression at age 2 elizabeth with depression at age 8 elizabeth with depression at age 18 elizabeth with depression at age 38

WHY should you Overcome Depression?
Well, here's why...

Why Overcome Depression?

It's important to overcome your depression because depression affects every aspect of your life! Depression and sadness will cloud your perception, your judgment, your attitude, your decisions, and your ambition toward everything. When you're depressed, life seems like really hard work and kind of dull.

But, when you overcome your depression, your self-esteem is higher, plus you automatically have a sense of power and the ability to learn how to become effective in your life. And as you become more effective in whatever you do, you'll become more masterful and then life becomes more pleasurable, enjoyable, and something to look forward to.

There are many benefits to Overcome Depression, including:

  • You'll lose those feelings of hopelessness, sadness, dread, and overwhelm
  • You'll increase your self-esteem, sense of power, and effectiveness
  • You'll experience life as more enjoyable and fulfilling
  • You'll look forward to each new day and all the pleasures that life offers
  • You'll feel more connected to others and more engaged in your life
  • You'll experience higher levels of success in everything you do
  • You'll continue to experience your emotions, but emotions won't run your life
  • Your attitude toward everything will become more positive and uplifting
  • Other people will want to be around you more and enjoy your company
  • More opportunities will come your way because other people are drawn to you

"I found not only that I could take control of my own life,
but also influence people in a positive way..."

Westlake Village, CA

"When I first began seeing Elizabeth things in my life were
not going the way I would have liked them to. I was
depressed and severely lost. Throughout my time learning
from her teaching, I found not only that I could take control
of my own life, but also influence people in a positive way
just with my presence.

Because of the knowledge and teaching I received from
Elizabeth, I feel as though not only did I feel myself
blossom, but a new life path as well. So, Thank You!
You have made such an impact in my life and I can only
hope that more people will be as blessed as I have."

(Due to the personal nature of this subject matter,
client names or photos are not displayed to protect their privacy.)

"Changing your belief system is CRITICAL
in order to Overcome Depression"

thoughts of depression can lead to suicide

change your thoughts to lift your depression

Ben Franklin

Thomas Edison

Learn The Philosophy of Change from the Masters

Ben Franklin once said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, and to expect different results. Like repeating a failed experiment over and over again without changing any of the parameters and using the same ingredients, but expecting a new outcome. It won’t happen! Doing the same thing over and over the same way with the same ingredients will produce the same results.

And I think we all know who Thomas Edison is, a very well known American inventor with over 1000 U.S. patents in his name. It took Thomas Edison over 10,000 failed experiments with different variations to develop his numerous inventions which included the electric vote recorder, electric power distribution system, light bulbs, and the phonograph. Wow, over 10,000 failed experiments…that’s like trying one new idea every day in a row for over 27 years...that’s a lot of new ideas!

But Thomas Edison was quoted regarding his failed experiments, that he didn’t see them as failures at all! He saw them as discovering 10,000 ways that his ideas didn’t work, so he would continue to move onto the next idea until he found the ones that did. And if he would’ve repeated the same experiment over and over using the same parameters, he wouldn't have been successful. Sure, someone else may have discovered an electrical distribution system in later years, but for sure the world would not be the same as it is today. The timing of all the inventions that came later would not have occurred when they did, if at all.

Because of the availability of electricity, the inventors in later years may not have had all the resources they needed to put their great minds at work inventing things like microwave ovens, cell phones, and PCs. And what about the timing of the Industrial Age and mass production. Would Henry Ford, a dear friend of Mr. Edison, have been able to develop the assembly line? Probably NOT! History was changed forever by the persistence of this one person to keep looking for the ideas that worked, and without it, nothing would be the same.

The same concept works for our ideas, thoughts, and beliefs…yours and mine… and it works like this... If I hold a certain belief about someone or something or myself, and if I never allow myself to change my mind about it or the person, then I’ll continue to make decisions based on that same belief system or same perspective that will take me to the same result. And NO ONE can change your thinking and behavior, but YOU!

So changing your belief system is CRITICAL in order to Overcome Depression and Sadness, but to do this, you have to learn new ideas that aren't your own... because if YOUR ideas were already working, you wouldn't be depressed!

overcome depression

A Comprehensive Easy-to-follow Program

What can you learn from a program like this? This program has 3 Easy Steps. The first step is about the 'Pursuit of Happinesswhere you'll learn about what depression really is and why it's so important to make major changes in your belief system and perceptions about the life your living, in order to Overcome Depression.

The second step is called 'How to Overcome Depression'. In this step, you'll learn new ideas for making those major changes in your life. This Step follows an outline of specific topics and actions that will guide you toward lifting your depression.

Last, the third step is called 'Putting the New Ideas into Practice', where you are provided with many suggestions and exercises to learn HOW to apply the new ideas that were discussed in Step 2 to your life.

In addition, not only do you get this life-changing method, this program includes three simple quizes that you can take periodically, to help you measure your progress, and a Special Edition Meditation CD that was created exclusively for this program that I hope will inspire and uplift you in your Pursuit of Happiness. And keep reading, there are even more exciting bonuses!

"The ideas presented in this program
are so powerfully life-changing,
you can immediately start seeing changes...
in the way you feel, the way you think,
and the way you view the world."

overcome depression and sadness in 3 easy steps

Experience Immediate Results

You can begin seeing changes occur in your life immediately , as soon as you apply the new ideas to your thinking and behavior. You will see amazing results every day when you are practicing the new ideas, because they work! And it works because of the Philosophy of Change... when you apply new ideas to your life, it's like making changes to an experiment where you keep making changes until you get the results you want!

Perhaps the most magical and exciting part of this process is that you'll start seeing the changes in your life as soon as you make them because when you make purposeful changes and you're paying close attention to the affects, you'll start to recognize every detail of how your decisions affect you, you'll start to feel the depression liftingand you'll start looking forward to each new day and each new experiment.

Why Am I Qualified to Offer This Program?

Well, I've already shared with you that I was depressed for over 38 years of my life... I've had many years of experience with being depressed, so I'm very qualified in that area! Plus, I'm not like one of those therapists, writers or educators that have never been seriously depressed, but tell you what to do even though they don't have a clue what they are talking about except for what they read or learned in a classroom. And just like Thomas Edison, while I was learning thousands of ways how not to overcome depression, eventually I learned the right combination of skills, ideas, and activities that finally led me to end my depression once and forever.

Then, for the rest of my qualifications, the results speak for themselves. I am no longer depressed and I have an enormously wonderful outlook on life, relationships, and the ability to create the life of my dreams. I also have a Masters Degree in Psychology, over 25 years of Project Management, over 25 years experience mentoring others, I'm a crisis hotline advocate, and I've been teaching self-development classes for over 15 years that include most of the principles covered in this program to clients who are achieving amazing life-changing results!

"You've really facilitated me changing my life for the better..."

San Fernando Valley, CA

"I've been to many seminars, classes, and programs over
the years, dating back to the 1980's, and I've never been to
anything like this. I thought I knew everything there was to
learn and came to your class for a refresher.

Wow, was I surprised how much I learned. You've really
facilitated me changing my life for the better. I'm very
grateful to you."

(Due to the personal nature of this subject matter,
client names or photos are not displayed to protect their privacy.)

People don't know what they don't know!

And when people don't know something, they
often go to others or "experts" to make important decisions
about their personal well-being for them or in some cases,
they don't do anything at all.

What you "need to know" is that your decision
IS key to your Success and Happiness.

"Overcome Depression and Sadness in 3 Easy Steps"
shows you how to develop your own decision "Power"
to not only Overcome Depression and Sadness,
but to also create a life filled with Success and Happiness .

Daphne's Story

The parents of a 17 year old named Daphne, came to me desparate for help with their daughter after the traditional counseling they attended over the previous year didn't get them the results they hoped for.

Daphne was cutting her wrists, wanting to commit suicide, drinking alcohol or taking drugs every day. She was near failing her Senior year in high school with graduation just days away and hanging out with other teens who had the same behaviors.

Daphne had a very negative self-image and thought that taking drugs would help her lose weight, plus make her 'cool' so the other teens that she hung out with would like her.

Even though Daphne came from a loving home environment where she had everything she needed, many nice personal things, and parents who adored her, something wasn't right with Daphne and she continued to do self-destructive behaviors that demonstrated to her family how destraught she was on the inside.

I began working with Daphne one-on-one for just 1 hour every week for 3 months using the teachings and exercises included in the Overcome Depression in 3 Easy Steps program. For the first two sessions, I taught Daphne how to develop a new attitude about her situation, family, and herself that was postive, healthy, and uplifting. I had her practice stating the new attitude over and over again until she could clearly tell me what it meant to her in her own words.

This method allowed Daphne to find a way to 'own' the attitude and make it hers - not just because I was asking her to do it. Then during the week between sessions, her homework was to continue practicing the new attitude and journal what happened when she used it vs. when she didn't use it.

On the third session Daphne shared with me that the friends she was hanging out with were arrested and sent to jail for possession and dealing drugs. She told me how grateful she was that her parents brought her to me for mentoring and that she realized if she had kept doing the drugs and other troubled behavior with her friends, she would be in jail too. She realized how lucky she was to have made the decision to change her life when she did.

This particular session was a very important turning point for Daphne as she realized 3 valuable ideas: 1. We all have the freedom to make life-changing choices every day and it's up to each of us as individuals to make the best choices for ourselves; 2. Each decision we make can lead us down a different life path; and 3. Sometimes when we make choices in our lives to learn new behaviors, it's important to let the old way of doing things go in order to see progress and fully develop the new way of doing things. Daphne confirmed for herself what a great decision it was and committed to going forward with her new way of living.

Once Daphne committed to developing a winning attitude about her life, I taught her 5 new ideas and perspectives. We worked on one new idea each week over the next 5 weeks: 1. How to determine if something was healthy for her; 2. How to set goals to accomplish anything in life she desired; 3. How to understand her emotions as navigational tools for her life; 4. How to seek and learn new ideas on her own so she'd have these skills long after ending sessions with me; and 5. How to visualize and create the life she really wanted. Each week we'd focus on one of the ideas and her homework between each session was to define and write down all the ways she could fit the idea into her life, creating
5 lists, one for each idea.

For the remaining 8 weeks that I worked with Daphne, she practiced developing each of the ideas and perspectives in the ways she had defined them during the previous 5 weeks. Each week we reviewed Daphne's 5 lists together and she would select specific activities from the lists to practice and journal the outcomes. As she journaled what was happening in her life, she made 2 profound realizations about herself: 1. the way she was previously perceiving her life was from a very negative and self- destructive point of view that changed dramatically to a healthy perspective when she applied the new ideas; and 2. she realized how she interacted with others was keeping her stuck in those negative and unhealthy perspectives, especially when things bothered her, and gave her excuse after excuse to feel poorly about herself which also changed dramatically after applying the new ideas.

By focusing on what she was learning and how she was behaving, Daphne learned how to make better decisions by herself, for herself, in a way that she wouldn't need my continued mentoring once she figured out the method on her own. She noticed that the more honest and clear she became about what she wanted or needed in her life, the more things seemed to go her way in healthy and productive ways. Once her life started to 'click' for her, she started to feel better and then immediately, Daphne's self-esteem, self-confidence, and ambition increased too.

At the end of 3 months, my sessions with Daphne ended and she registered for college and achieved straight A's the very first semester.

But, Daphne wasn't the only one affected by the changes she made in her life. As Daphne learned new skills and became successful at them, she taught them to her family and her family started using the new ideas too. First, Daphne's entire family started communicating better and then they all started to make positive, loving changes in their lives.

Two years later, Daphne continues to inspire others in every opportunity she gets.

(Due to the personal nature of this subject matter, the client's name was changed to protect the privacy of the client and her family.)

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overcome depression and sadness in 3 easy steps

overcome depression cd1

The Pursuit of Happiness

In CD 1, I give an overview of the process, you'll learn about what depression is, what causes it, who it affects, and what some ofthe symptoms of depression are. I will also share many valuable insights with you during this overview CD to start preparing you to change your thinking so you can change your life and lift your depression.

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Who am I and Why am I offering this program
  • What is Depression
  • What causes Depression
  • Who gets Depression
  • When to get help for Depression
  • What you can do for Depression
  • What does 100% accountability mean
  • The Pursuit of Happiness

overcome depression cd2

Preparing for Your Success

In CD 2, you'll learn specific skills that will increase your success in this program and anything else that you do for the rest of your life. Including the three short quizzes that I used to measure the state of my depression, my stress level, and the level of my accountability. I took these quizzes at the beginning of my quest for happiness and then again every month or two. By taking measurements throughout the process, I was also able to see the steady progress I was making toward lifting my depression and improving my level of happiness much more clearly.

  • Overview
  • Measuring Progress
  • Journaling
  • Goal Setting
  • Meditations
  • Making Decisions
  • Research

overcome depression cd3

overcome depression step 1

Develop A Winning Attitude for Success

In CD 3, you'll learn to develop all the qualities needed for lifting your depression. These qualities are paired with numerous exercises in the workbook to ensure your success with learning the new skills and so you can practice the exercises over and over until you are able to master them.

  • Overview
  • Accountability
  • Willingness
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Kindness
  • Perspective
  • Projections
  • False Beliefs
  • Restating Beliefs
  • Gratitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Connecting and Reconnecting
  • Letting Go
  • Change
  • Outgrowing Others
  • Don't Just Think It
  • Review

overcome depression cd4

overcome depression step 2

Build A Support Team

In CD 4, you'll learn to build the support team needed for lifting your depression. Since changing your life requires changing your thinking, you will need to learn and adopt ideas from other people, otherwise, you're still operating from your own ideas which are keeping you in your depression. In this CD, I discuss in great detail how to select and manage your support team to get the best results.

  • Overview
  • Selecting Team Members
  • Doctors
  • Therapists, Coaches, Mentors
  • Working With Your Therapist
  • Control
  • Self-Esteem
  • Domestic Violence
  • Co-Dependence
  • Observations
  • Emotional Exploration
  • Family Exploration
  • Relationship Exploration
  • Others
  • Friends
  • Mentors
  • Additional Support

& overcome depression cd6
overcome depression step3

Create An Education Plan - Part 1 & Part 2

In CD 5 & CD 6, you'll learn to create the Education Plan  needed for lifting your depression. Once you start to realize all the things you want to change or do in your life, it can become overwhelming and confusing. With the ideas covered in this CD, you'll also learn how to organize the many aspects of your life that affect your level of happiness and attribute to your depression so you can eliminate what doesn't work and improve what does work.

In this step, you'll begin to recognize and experience the affects of your winning attitude, perseverance, and how to effectively use your support team to lift your depression which will lead you to creating & living the life of your dreams. You'll begin seeing changes occur in your life immediately, as soon as you apply the new ideas to your thinking and behavior.

  • Overview
  • Attending Events
  • Books, Tapes, and CD's
  • Education Topics
  • Communication
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Spirituality
  • Volunteerism
  • Environment
  • Leadership
  • Personal Hobbies
  • Review
  • Life Action Plan

overcome depression and sadness in 3 easy steps         overcome depression workbook

Complete Program with Workbook, Journal, & More

No program is complete without a workbook. And for those of you who have 'Homework Phobia', I say... "Get Over It!" Because with this program, a big part of the plan to Overcome Depression is going to require that you roll-up your sleeves and do the dirty work. Yep! You're going to be cleaning out all those dorky, pesky, and negative thoughts running a-muck in your head.

The workbook contains over 100 suggestions and examples that you can use to implement changes in your life. You'll receive a journal to keep track of your life changes; a planner to keep track of the steps, exercises, and activities that make up your Education Plan and Life Action Plan; and a CD filled with meditations designed to facilitate change in your life.

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"You have touched the lives of everyone in our home and as a result,
our relationships with our friends and family have changed too..."

Agoura Hills, CA

"You have helped my family so much, words don't express my gratitude sufficiently. You have touched the lives of everyone in our home and as a result, our relationships with our friends and family have changed too. Now, there is so much love and connection in our home. You are the beautiful angel
that came into our lives to help us get there!

Thank you for helping my family and for being there
for me when no one else could help me with what I was going through. You are truly an angel."

(Due to the personal nature of this subject matter,
client names or photos are not displayed to protect their privacy.)

overcome depression and sadness in 3 easy steps

Order Now To Receive Your Free Bonuses
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Not only do you get this life-changing program, but you'll also receive the following free bonuses including a Special Edition Meditation CD, Companion Journal, Companion Planner and Comprehensive Workbook created exclusively for this program that I hope will inspire and uplift you in your Pursuit of Happiness!

overcome depression guided meditations

Over 1 Hour of Guided Meditations
Created exclusively for this program

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overcome depression journal

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  overcome depression planner

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overcome depression workbook

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elizabeth oberly

"Happiness is just one CLICK away!"

What's the Total Investment?

My marketing advisors wanted me to price this product high at $497.00. However, I want to get this product in the hands of more people by making it affordable, so the final cost of this amazing, life-changing program is only $149.00. Of course, there will be a Super Special Limited time Introductory Discount to $99.00, so act now before the price goes back up at the end of the Introductory period. Click here to invest in your joy and happiness by lifting your depression.

Limited Exclusive Offer: For Serious Folks Only!

Then for serious folks who want to really submerge themselves into the program and gain my personal assistance, I will provide the complete Overcome Depression and Sadness program including the four amazing bonuses for FREE (Total Value $661) , with a 12 month commitment to Personal Mentoring at $99.00 per month.

During the one per month calls, we'll discuss any burning questions you may have, go over your
Education Plan and Life Action Plan in great detail, and review your progress. By working with me personally, you'll get unconditionally loving support to assist you toward overcoming depression and creating your own success. All discussions and information covered during these personal calls will remain completely confidential, and you can count on it because my reputation is on the line!

With this
Personal Mentoring offer, you will receive:

  • Two (1) hour personal mentoring sessions with me each month
  • Option to have the sessions recorded
  • Discuss effectiveness and performance of the Support Team
  • Discuss your overall progress and changes in your Depression
  • Attitude Check and Tuneup, as needed
  • Discuss and Review Progress of theEducation Plan
  • Discuss and Review Progress of the Life Action Plan
  • Talk about the next steps to be completed for the next meeting

It is my promise to you, to support you and encourage you along the way, without telling you how to live your life or what choices to make. I will ask you a lot of insight provoking questions and challenge the decisions you make to help ensure you are choosing what will lead you to your happiness. I will also cheer you on to creating your own success and taking all the steps needed to lift your depression, while creating the life of your dreams at the same time.

You see, I believe depression and success are on the same path, but they are just going in opposite directions. I beleive you're already on your path to success, but you just need a little help getting turned around to go in the right direction. My part throughout the 12 months will be to keep you going in the direction of your success!

And because I have a limited number of hours that I'm available each day, I'm only making this Personal Mentoringoffer to a limited number of Overcome Depression and Sadness clients. Plus, scheduling preferences will go to those who sign up first, as time slots are available. At this time, this offer will only be available to the first 50 people, so act fast.

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Learn the skills you need to lift your depression

My Commitment to You
is already built into the product...

I'm so confident that you'll begin creating your own
Positive Experiences & Changes in your Life using the
'Overcome Depression & Sadness in 3 Easy Steps' program...

I believe in this program so much, that once you are exposed to the information and ideas presented in this program, you will receive immediate value. And once you start putting the new ideas into practice, you'll start to see immediate results. So, if you do your part, the ideas and suggestions in this program will guide you to make the changes in your life that lead you to Overcome Depression . It Can't NOT Happen!

When someone offers you a
Don't you usually just accept it and say
Thank you?

One of the most important lessons I learned in this process is that if your heart speaks to you, then you should follow it without hesitation. If you have to stop and think about something your heart is telling you to do, it's usually because there's a negative voice in your head telling you not to... you know, the same voice that you've been listening to all along which has been contributing to your depression.

With this program, you'll learn how to reprogram that negative voice into a possitive voice that leads you toward living the life of your dreams and experiencing joy and happiness. Click here to give yourself the gift of joy and happiness , Overcome Deprssion now.

Here are some of the objections the little voice in your head might be saying:

  • I can't afford it... and I say, if you're depressed, you can't afford NOT to because if you don't, you'll probably end up just like I did, spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on stuff that doesn't work, and many people spend their whole lives never getting over their depression. Can you see yourself living the rest of your life in Depression and Sadness?The cost of this program is a very small price to pay considering what you get out of it: Life skills to Overcome Depression and otherlife situations that bring you down, and all the information & materials you need to develop an Education Plan, Life Action Plan, and creating a happy and successful life. Think about it, having the ability to create the Life of Your Dreams , isn't that Priceless?

  • There's no hope for me, I'd be wasting my time...and I say, well, you're right if you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll never overcome your depression if you don't change your belief system and behaviors. But, now YOU have a choice because I'm offering a solution that will work for anyone. But, don't expect magic to happen and your life to miraculously improve without any work on your part to change your attitude or your ideas. If you follow the program, I'm super confident that your depression will begin to lift and 'continue' to lift as you work the program. So what do you have to loose except your Depression!

  • I don't have time...and I say, are you kidding me? Even if you are working three jobs and are a single-parent going to school full-time with three kids, then you still have time to work on yourself! Plus,think about all the time you currently spend by being self-destructive, over-sleeping, or watching TV, that you could use on this program instead. And how much time to you spend each day watching other people live their happy lives? Well, it doesn't have to be that way. Whether it's 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour per day, it doesn't have to take a ton of time to work this program. Because the program has a specific outline to follow and specific education topics for you to learn, you won't be spending all the additional time that I did, in research and figuring out the key ideas that will allow you to Overcome Depression. Besides, it's not about whether or not you already have time, it's aboutrethinking how you use your time and making new decisions about what you do during each day.

  • I already feel Overwhemled and I'm too Exhausted... and I say if I could find time to do this work, so can you. I was a single-parent and full-time student with a full-time job, three kids, a couple pets, and a home to upkeep - and all I had to do was make a commitment to myself to learn how to overcome my depression no matter how overwhelming it could be or how tired and exhausted I would get. But, once I started doing the work to change my life, I realized it was a different kind of overwhelm and exhaustion. I finally had a sense that I was making real changes in my life because I could see the results. I had enough of the sad- life and was willing to do whatever it takes, so I could start to enjoy all the wonderful things in my life, and you can too!

  • I'm not very organized, I could never pull this off...and I say, You don't have to figure out the process, just follow the steps I've already outlined for you. You'll know exactly what you need to do, so how much time you put into it depends on you. And each day may be different. Sometimes, I spent 15-30 minutes on my plans and then other days, like on weekends, I'd spend a whole day because I was really getting into what I was working on and enjoyed the affect it was having on me. And the more work I did, the more I noticed how each of the things I did made a real difference in my life. And the more progress I made, the more I enjoyed the process. I could see changes occuring right before my eyes almost every day.

  • I'm terrible at following through with programs and making changes in my life...and I say, if this is you and if you can afford it, you'd be a great candidate for my Personal Mentoring offer and I'll mentor you through the process. If you don't have the extra monthly fee in your budget, then purchase the program and find a good friend to assist you in sticking with the program. No matter how you do the program, it's doing the program that's important. No matter how long it takes, it's doing the steps and taking action to make serious changes in your life that make all the difference. And with every new idea that you implement in your life, the results and the affect that the new ideas have on you become self- motivating and will inspire you to keep going!

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